Zartan Greatstroke: To the point, while I may not have the size of others, I never fail to satisfy…
Ana, Mammazon Princess: Oh, I’m sure someone told you that, but that was to keep your ego up…
Ana, Mammazon Princess: But that’s all it… what the Hael?!
Ana, Mammazon Princess: I don’t know where you’re from, nimrod! But you do NOT touch a mammazon with out her permission!
Zartan Greatstroke getting kicked in the face by Ana: GAHK!
Zartan satifies.


I think his nickname’s going to be “Snickers.” And sorry about the late update, 4 hours of sleep per day finally caught up to me and I utterly crashed for 16 hours straight, will try to get caught up on the current back log this weekend.