Jack LeSplat, Chancellor to Queen Ellen: “All hail, her royal petite-ness, Princess Ana of the Mammazons!”
Ellen, Queen of the Mammazons: “Oh, there you are, Pumpkin! I was so worried you wouldn’t say goodbye before you left on your quest!”
Ana, Mammazon Princess: “Quest? What quest?”
Ellen, Queen of the Mammazons: “Why your Quest of Womanhood, silly. It’s your twenty-first birthday so you HAVE to go on that quest.”
Quest? What Quest?
When die we get a quest? Obviously, someone didn’t get the quest memo. Mammazon will be updating on Mondays. That’s one comic on Sunday, one comic on Mondays (potentially two updates for it), one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday. Not to mention MVP on the Patreon account on either Monday or Tuesday. My early part of the week is hectic.