Ana, Mammazon Princess: Something to prove my worth, is that like a treasure or war trophy?
Ellen, Queen of the Mammazons: Could be, it’s whatever you think proves your worth to the Queendom. I brought back a Hamerican prince. That fuck toy was the best sex toy ever. I fucked him senseless for years…
Ana, Mammazon Princess: Wait, was he my father? What happened to him?
Ellen, Queen of the Mammazons: I ran onto him and his brother leading an expedition in the jungle, caught him, but his brother escaped on ship. Yes, he was your father, I forgot to chain him up one night and the little fucker ran off. Never saw him again.
Ana, Mammazon Princess: What was his name?
Ellen, Queen of the Mammazons: “Fuck Toy,” although that MIGHT not have been his actual GIVEN name…
Hamerican Prince, The Legend of Fuck Toy.
So… you should be able to connect that Princess Ana and soon to be Queen Gullivere are somehow related. The Princess Ana quest and story was written back in 2012 I just never had the time to build the models and props as I hadn’t done anything jungle themed. On another note the Three Fuckateers story arc with Gurth, Sven, and The Boudin Mouse ALSO cross into the Princess Ana comic.