Ana, Mammazon Princess: Exactly what is it I’m supposed to be questing for again?
Jack LeSplat, Chancellor to Queen Ellen: Yeep!
Ellen, Queen of the Mammazons: Something to “prove your worth” as a Mammazon. It’s different for everyone.
Ana, Mammazon Princess: And WHO was it again that told me about this quest?
Ellen, Queen of the Mammazons: Why, Jack of course! He’s the one who had the responsibility to prepare you for this quest.
Ana, Mammazon Princess: And just where is JACK.
Ellen, Queen of the Mammazons: Hmm, he was here a minute ago, maybe he’s prepping for your farewell dinner, what did you want?
Ana, Mammazon Princess: I’m thinking FROG LEGS…
I’m Thinking Frog Legs…Maybe a Little Jack for Flavor.
Ah, so someone didn’t quite do their job. Jack LeSplat was the frog the original Mammazon Queen chose for her Chancellor, so the Queen can “covert” other frogs to be servants/minions/solders, etc. Like the Hamericans and the Franks had pigs. Hence all Hamericans are capitalist pigs…. 😛 I actually had a rough sketch for a comic about three little pigs, Capitalist Pig, Chauvinist Pig, and Communist Pig, but as many other comics I never found time to finish it.